Continuing Wisconsin's Tradition of Clean and Open Government

The Wisconsin Contract Sunshine Act [2005 Act 410] calls for the creation and maintenance of an Internet site at which anyone may access information about every state contract, purchase, and solicitation of bids or proposals that involves a biennial expenditure of $10,000 or more. Wisconsin Statutes directed the Wisconsin Ethics Board to create and maintain this site. Following the merger of the Wisconsin Ethics Board and the State Elections Board, the resulting Government Accountability Board was given responsibility for the maintenance of this website. 

  In enacting the Contract Sunshine Act, the Legislature’s intention was to enhance citizens’ confidence in the State’s procurement process by providing a one-stop Internet location where citizens, the press, vendors, and others can learn about current procurement activities.  The legislature also intended that the Act provide potential vendors of goods and services with ready access to information about the State’s purchases and confirm that the State’s procurement programs are operating fairly and efficiently. 

These solicitations, purchases and contracts can be searched and sorted by the:

Agency or office making the purchase

 Vendor selling the goods or services

Item or Service being purchased

Process used to issue the purchase or award the contract

Value of the purchase made or contract awarded

Solicitations Open and Closed

Change Orders made

New and Recent Activity